Enhance Security and Amplify School Spirit with Custom Window Perfs


Is your school or institution searching for a creative solution to enhance privacy and security while simultaneously promoting school spirit and branding? If so, then our interior window perfs are the perfect solution for you.

As an innovative signage company, Hit Signs has the ideal solution for institutions with glass-walled spaces that need both privacy and an expression of identity – custom window perfs.

A custom window perf. for security at Bay Vista Fundamental installed in the hallway to deliver peace of mind and security of visibility.
A custom window perf. for security at Bay Vista Fundamental installed in the hallway to deliver peace of mind and security of visibility.

Window Perfs: The Perfect Blend of Security and Style

Window perfs, also known as one-way vision films, are an intelligent way to safeguard your students without compromising on the aesthetics of your educational institution. Designed for interior application on glass walls, our custom window perfs offer a way to obstruct the view from the outside while maintaining visibility from the inside. It is security combined with practicality.

Security Meets Creativity

Our window perfs not only keep your students safe but also provide a canvas to exhibit your school’s unique spirit and brand. We can incorporate school colors, mascots, symbols, values, mottos, and more into our window perfs design. This promotes a sense of belonging among students and staff and increases school pride, as they can see their values reflected in the design each day.

Promote Educational Messages

On top of this, the window perfs can be used as educational tools. We can include mathematical formulas, scientific diagrams, or historical timelines within the design. They can be both eye-catching and subtly educational, making them a perfect fit for any educational environment.

Visibility and Light

One of the outstanding features of our window perfs is that they allow natural light to flood into your rooms while still providing privacy. You can keep classrooms well-lit and open-feeling, even though they’re more secure.

Final Thought

Schools are places of learning, where students should feel secure, engaged, and inspired. At Hit Signs, we strive to enhance this through our custom window perfs. Not only are they a means of providing privacy and enhancing security, but they are also a platform to promote your school’s spirit, brand, and values.

Choose Hit Signs custom window perfs and turn every glass surface into a beautiful, protective, educational, and inspiring canvas. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your school’s unique spirit to life while also protecting your most precious assets: your students.

Boosted Security and Enhanced Peace of Mind with Custom Window Perfs

In an era where security is increasingly crucial for educational institutions, our custom window perfs from Hit Signs offer an innovative solution to maintain both student safety and serenity within the classroom.

The primary function of our window perfs is to obstruct the view from outside the glass-walled rooms, making it impossible for an outsider to discern what’s happening within. This not only acts as a deterrent for potential intruders but also provides an added layer of security by hiding students from view in case of emergencies.

Our window perfs utilize one-way vision film technology. From the outside, potential intruders see a vibrant, opaque graphic that provides no hint of the activity inside the classroom. This leaves the intruder uncertain, reducing the likelihood of an intrusion due to the obscured visibility.

From the inside, however, the film is virtually transparent, providing clear visibility of the exterior surroundings. This unobstructed view allows students and staff to be alert to any potential threats outside while keeping the goings-on of the classroom hidden from an outsider’s gaze.

Enhance Security and Amplify School Spirit with Custom Window Perfs
Enhance Security and Amplify School Spirit with Custom Window Perfs

This cleverly engineered visual barrier is a potent security measure that adds a protective shield to your classrooms. It creates a safer environment for students and staff by limiting the exposure of the classroom interior to external threats, ultimately enhancing peace of mind for everyone within the school.

Knowing that they are invisible to outside viewers allows students to focus more on their learning and less on potential security risks. It fosters an environment where students can freely express themselves without feeling watched or under scrutiny from outside observers. Teachers, too, can devote their full attention to their crucial work, secure in the knowledge that their classrooms are safe and private.

Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a security incident, having this barrier can buy critical time for law enforcement to arrive on the scene, providing an additional layer of protection for students and staff.

Through our custom window perfs, we at Hit Signs are committed to enhancing security in a way that merges safety and serenity. We strive to create a safer, calmer, and more conducive learning environment where the focus is entirely on education and personal growth. By choosing our custom window perfs, you’re choosing safety, peace of mind, and a unique way to express your school’s spirit.



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