Custom Window Perf Installation at Bay Point Elementary Magnet School

Window perf shown from the exterior of the school

Enhancing Security and School Spirit: The Custom Window Perf Installation at Bay Point Elementary Magnet School by Hit Signs

In today’s rapidly changing world, the safety of our children, especially in educational settings, is paramount. As educational institutions increasingly become soft targets for criminal activities, it’s crucial to elevate security without compromising the welcoming ambiance these institutions are known for. Hit Signs, with its commitment to enhancing safety and aesthetic appeal, has taken crime prevention to an innovative dimension by offering custom-designed window security perfs.

Recently, we had the privilege to collaborate with Bay Point Elementary Magnet School, showcasing the blend of state-of-the-art security technology with an artistic flair that resonates with the school’s identity.

Window perf shown from the exterior of the school
Window perf shown from the exterior of the school
Interior window perf installed inside of the School
Interior window perf installed inside of the School

The Project

Bay Point Elementary Magnet School, nestled in a bustling neighborhood, required a comprehensive security solution that would not only bolster their safety standards but also radiate the vibrant spirit of the school community. Hit Signs was approached to achieve this dual objective.

Our team embarked on installing high-performance window security perfs on both exterior window glass and selected interior feature windows. These perfs were meticulously designed, showcasing the school’s name and proudly flaunting their mascot, imbuing the premises with an aura of pride and unity.

Understanding the Security Film

3M™ Safety & Security Window Films, which were employed in this project, offer a robust defense mechanism against potential threats. Here’s why they are unparalleled:

  1. Deterrence against Smash-and-Grab Crimes: Situated in urban areas or secluded locales, no institution is completely immune to opportunistic crimes. These films add an extra layer of resistance against such crimes, making it exponentially harder for thieves to break through.
  2. Preservation of Aesthetic Appeal: There’s no need to resort to obtrusive barriers like bars. These films are almost invisible, maintaining the school’s inviting atmosphere.
  3. Glass Shard Prevention: With a thicker adhesive, even if the glass does break, it’s held together, preventing dangerous shards from scattering and causing potential injuries.
  4. Enhanced Tear-Resistance: Compared to standard films, the tear-resistance of these films is commendable. This ensures that even under intense pressure or impact, the film remains intact, offering continued protection.
  5. Blast Mitigation: Whether it’s an unforeseen explosion in nearby facilities or a deliberate threat, the films can drastically reduce the risks associated with shattered glass during blasts. By holding the glass together, these films ensure that shards don’t turn into lethal projectiles.

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Why Schools Should Consider This Service

Security concerns in educational institutions are multifaceted. While the immediate thought goes to external threats, schools also need to consider accidental injuries due to shattered glass or natural calamities. Our service goes beyond mere protection; it’s a statement of pride and identity.

Customized window perfs, like the ones at Bay Point Elementary Magnet School, serve multiple purposes:

  1. Identity & Pride: Displaying the school’s name and mascot not only instills a sense of belonging among students but also makes the institution stand out in the community.
  2. Effective Marketing: For schools looking to increase their student base, these custom designs can serve as effective marketing tools, showcasing the institution’s commitment to safety and identity.
  3. Holistic Safety: From thwarting break-ins to mitigating the risks of glass-related injuries, these window perfs offer comprehensive protection.
  4. Economic Sense: In the long run, the installation of such high-performance films can reduce potential losses stemming from thefts or property damages.

Take the Leap with Hit Signs

For other schools or institutions seeking a similar blend of security and artistic expression, Hit Signs is your trusted partner. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and craft solutions that not only ensure safety but also radiate the institution’s ethos and spirit.

In a world riddled with uncertainties, taking proactive measures is the key. With our custom window perfs, schools can elevate their security standards, foster a vibrant sense of community, and send a clear message: they care for their students’ safety and well-being.

Are you ready to transform your institution’s safety landscape while celebrating its unique identity? Connect with Hit Signs, and together, let’s create secure and spirited spaces for our future generations.



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