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Our Mission

You have choices in your selection of signage, and an array of local, competing businesses to choose from. Some promise low prices, some a quick turn-around. Our experience with the retail signage industry has left us with a unique perspective on the business of sign making, and a desire to give our customers SOMETHING BETTER.

What will you encounter when you walk into a typical retail sign store? A businessperson greets you and passes you off to a designer. The designer takes your information and presents you with an Option A and an Option B. You’d like to see more. A different font maybe? A deeper color? However, if your suggestion varies too much from those original options you’re told “These designs (…not yours) are popular nowadays.” How much control do you really have over the end result? How much do they really listen to what you do and what you want? Do you feel rushed to make a decision? There’s a reason for that!

To those stores and those employees, you’re just a name and a phone number, one among a list of clients who come in on a daily basis. The retail shop, hoping to get the highest possible profit, seeks to get as many customers in and out on any given day. They WANT to rush you. They want to show you a limited number of designs… designs that are simple and easy to produce… and, if you do not investigate, they will be produced using the cheapest possible materials, and sold to you as if they’re something special. A typical retail sign store makes you feel like you should be honored that they helped.

At HIT Signs, we’re honored by the opportunity TO HELP YOU. Our claim to fame is complete control to the customer. We don’t ask you to pick between limited options. We design the signage to your specifications, with the fonts, colors and graphics that you desire. Change the design to your liking, as many times as necessary to get the look and feel you want. Then, choose between the materials best suited to your business and your bank account. We source materials from multiple providers, vinyls and laminates and substrates that offer affordability, long lifespan, custom finishes, and more. Every job we produce is “fully custom.”

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